Lwak G.H. School boasts of a fairly good Library comprising the main library which is divided into a general reading section and the reference room.

The general reading section is stocked with general texts covering all the subjects in the curriculum including very old books handed down over the years. This section is fairly large and can seat up to sixty students per session. It is very well stocked with story books, particularly readers, which in recent times have become fairly popular. A part from these, the section has a good stock of other fiction and non-fiction readers.

The reference section of the library lives up to its main objective of providing reference materials on a wide range of subjects.Plans are underway to stock up this section with one or two computers connected to the internet for quick access to electronic information.

The reference section is also stocked with current newspapers and periodicals which attract quite a lot of readership from both staff members and students.

The Library being the melting pot of all academic activities in the school,requires pooling of resources to boost its capacity to best serve the ever thirsty clientele. Plans are already underway to revamp this section both in human and other

material resources.

The library,with the plans put in place,will continue to serve its esteemed readers as they thirst for books.

Mr,Christopher Ashiembi


Welcome To St. Mary’s Lwak Girls’ School.  



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