Guiding & Counseling Department



gdThe guidance and counseling of students is an integral component of the
educational objectives of the school. The programs and services offered by the department promote personal, educational and career development of all students.

This department has contributed to academic excellence in the school
since it goes out of its way to provide counseling services in all spheres of


  • - Facilitates training of peer counselors.
  • - Orientating form ones and new students.
  • - Inviting motivational speakers for the students.
  • - Providing students with academic parents and identifying relevant topics of discussion during parenting sessions.
  • - Collecting and answering questions from the school’s question box.
  • - Guiding and counseling students individually and in groups.
  • - Liaising with the disciplinary committee and class teachers to get students who need guidance and
  • counseling.
  • - Organizing students for life skills lessons.
  • - Organizing students for the school president’s forum.
  • - Making follow up on the responsibilities of trained peer counselors.
  • - Organizing the school’s annual beauty contest -Miss Lwak.

- Most students who are faced with challenges seldom book appointments with members of the
department for guidance.

Mrs. Rosalia Ogenga,

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