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World Environment Day



The Day
The  1st  of June  was a beautiful day in St.Mary’s Lwak Girls’ High school given the creativity that laced the day.The girls celebrated the World Environmental Day on this 51st  Madaraka Day. The environment day, celebrated on 5th  of June world over  was brought forward and for sure it was a day to remember. The preparations for the day by the girls will go down  the annals of history as one of the best organized events in the recent times after THE MISS LWAK CONTEST held in term one.

 The event held under the auspices
of the environment Club was, for sure, one of its kind. The event was the fifth since its inception. For Lwak, this is an event that has left its permanent mark as forests named after various world leaders (The US President Barack Obama,The late Professor Wangari Maathai )are green and actively taking part in evapotranspiration. The winners of the coveted crown have always led the crusade on environmental conservation as well as other worthy causes in the school and without. In their acceptance speech, the
winner is supposed to rally the rest of the school community in championing for safer disposal of wastes. She is expected to lay bare her objectives, outline her expectations and formally acknowledge her new high but humbling status. It is not a cheap feat. I salute all those who have ever walked down the runway in aspiration to save the environment. Global  warming is a threat to the human race. Imagine Mombasa Island getting submerged in twenty years time! Let’s Join hands and save us!
The success of the event was assured by the administration’s blessing ,the teachers’ skilful organization under the chairmanship of Mr. Jeff Omollo, students’ generous contribution and active participation. The day was crowned by the presence of the Principal, Sr. Miriam Jacinta Jagogo. The venue went wild with wild ululations as contestants for the MISS ENVIRONMENT crown together with their designers appeared
adorned  in their skillfully made garments. The improvised narrow runway bore brunt of the souls jostling to lift the coveted crown. Victory is sweet and therefore one needs to give their all to emerge victorious. Contestants
The contestants and their designers  were drawn from the twenty four  streams in the school. Each stream democratically chose their representative and cheered them once they stepped onto the improvised but neatly done podium. The designers went out of their way to pick any discarded but
worthy material that could give them an edge over their rrivals. No skill was spared as students
volunteered ideas to the designers so as to ensure their chosen representative carried the day. When
the contestants stepped on to the stage,all  with the exception of the naysayers ,though I doubt if there were any,were left  with their mouths agape. This stage of the event calls to mind the first winner of the title Ms.Esther Monari, an environmentalist per excellence. Esther’s enthusiasm towards a greener and cleaner Lwak made her trounce all the other contestants who rivaled her for the position of The Environment Secretary. So big was the margin that…Her performance in the docket would never call for an impeachment motion in this era of the same .I am proud I see seedlings she mobilized the Students’ Council body, which I was part of, healthy and growing taller by the inch. Hats off for Monari Esther!

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