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As a social institution, the school socializes persons of diverse cultural backgrounds, age groups, experiences and more. But the beauty of it all is that they come together for a

The dominant social culture, as well as the economic, political and religious  context in which a school belongs, need I say, will enrich the human exchanges within it. Lwak is no different.
It is thus worth noting that the general crises, if any, that occur in education systems is set within the framework of a greater crisis of values. A fallacious belief that schools are templates for teaching academics only has the danger of bringing forth personalities that anguish more over the dilemma of unknown destiny rather than charting their own paths to success. This argument brings into focus the impact of a positive

school culture which St.Mary’s Lwak can proudly contend for. The constructive values of integrity, hard work, self-esteem among others help in moulding and preparing  the girl child for the world of work and the challenges that tag along.

A lot of literature on child rearing techniques opines that good parents rear good children. Our staff, both teaching and non teaching, I am glad to assert, are motivated to be good ’parents’. This, they do in order to nurture ALL ROUND CITIZENS that the girls aspire to be, have been and indeed will be.

Mr Okowa Benard
Quolity Assuarence & Standard

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