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Lwak Girls are amazing!They go out of their way to showcase their creativity and this requires
moderation by a third party as they might at times surpass the expected limits.As young ambitious
brains,they may at times lose themselves in the frenzy of activities and transgress against the
prescibed code of conduct.This is when we come in handy to counsel,correct and guide on the best way
forward.St.Mary’s Lwak Girls has been ably served by two deputy principals since 2012.

Discipline is the training of the mind or self control and would also mean obeying commands in an orderly way
that comes as a result of being taught or trained. The major role of the deputy principal is therefore to ensure that
discipline prevails in an institution by creating structures that will enhance and cement discipline among all
stakeholders in the school.

Discipline is necessary because it develops character, helps in discerning what is right and what is wrong and is
also crucial in setting our goals. In St. Mary’s Lwak Girls school, having acquired discipline through spiritual
values,education and orientation, the community has developed a sense of belonging and ownership that has
brought about harmonious co-existence where correcting one another’s mistakes is appreciated.
Discipline is manifested in the following six ways that share their first letter with Discipline:-

  • ·Direction
  • ·Determination
  • ·Dedication.
  • ·Devotion
  • ·Diligence
  • ·Dialogue

The six Ds have greatly contributed to the achievement of excellence in academics, co-curriculum activities,
general welfare of staff and students, corporate culture general administration and management of the institution
thus enhancing the school Motto: ’In pursuit of excellence and Integrity.’

Discipline,embedded in every facet of our lives here and beyond, has helped students to conduct democratic
elections for their leaders since the school adopted students’ council form of leadership in 2008. The student
council has the following structure.

  • ·The President
  • ·Senior Deputy President.
  • ·Junior Deputy President
  • · Cabinet Secretaries in charge of:-
  • -Academics
  • -Spiritual and Welfare
  • -Housing
  • -Laboratories

After undergoing leadership training, they work as a team to create a strong link between the students’ body and
the administration, which has brought about mutual relationship between the two parties.
Through this department,we have been able to train leaders that have reigned as Presidents of sub-county for the
last five years.

Discipline helps us to behave in an orderly way and develop character therefore we find that we are a family who
will not give excuses for failing to achieve our goals. In proverbs 22:13 it is stated “A lazy man is full of excuses”.
He says,” I cannot go to work if I go outside, I might meet a Lion in the streets and be killed”. The spirit of laziness is
admonished in the strongest term(s) possible but only for purposes of bettering he victim.

The Lwak Renaissance 2015
The dominant social culture, as well as the economic, political and religious context in which a school
belongs, need I say, will enrich the human exchanges within it. Lwak is no different.

It is thus worth noting that the general crises, if any, that occur in education systems is set within the
framework of a greater crisis of values. A fallacious belief that schools are templates for teaching academics
only has the danger of bringing forth personalities that anguish more over the dilemma of unknown destiny
rather than charting their own paths to success. This argument brings into focus the impact of a positive
school culture which St.Mary’s Lwak can proudly contend for. The constructive values of integrity, hard work,
self-esteem among others help in moulding and preparing the girl child for the world of work and the
challenges that tag along.

A lot of literature on child rearing techniques opines that good parents rear good children. Our staff, both
teaching and non teaching, I am glad to assert, are motivated to be good ’parents’. This, they do in order to
nurture ALL ROUND CITIZENS that the girls aspire to be, have been and indeed will be.
Larry Ongong’a
Senior Master.
Senior Master
Deputy Principals’ Word
As a social institution, the school socializes persons of diverse cultural backgrounds, age groups, experiences and
more. But the beauty of it all is that they come together for a purpose.

Disciplinary Committee
In this committee, we go out of our way to make St. Mary’s Lwak Girls school child friendly so that the
students do not invent excuses, in future by helping them learn by doing all that is taught in school.
With God’s help, care and protection, we strive to make a difference in the life of every Girl that comes
to this school so that she comes out as an all round Citizen, ready to responsibly and actively serve
humanity.The membership of the disciplinary committee is drawn from the teaching staff.

We appreciate God for His immense favours to this beautiful community.We thank our Board of
Management,The Principal,The PTA,sponsors,The teachers and students for making the dreams of
the founders of this institution a reality.

Ms.Christine Owino.

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