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This is the engine of St. Mary’s Lwak Girls’ as a whole. I refer to it as the engine of the school because for obvious reasons; the housing, energy, health and sanitation sections are hosted by
this department. It is common knowledge that basic human needs: food, clothing and shelter are competently handled in this department.

For sound school management, this department must be proactive. In order for students, teachers and support staff to enhance the smooth running of the school, they all have to be housed, energized and of good health in a sound environment.

The objectives of this department are best achieved through sound leadership and team work and an
inter-play of other factors. Heading this department is quite involving and requires one to show love,
care, humility, determination, tolerance, selflessness, strength and the will to work, work and work
hard. The dorm mistresses and masters have been handy as they lend me a hand by constantly
coordinating with the house secretaries to ensure tranquility prevails in all spheres of life in their
dorms. The teachers on duty have always given us support especially through cleaning inspections
during the week and on Saturdays when we turn out every crevice in the boarding area .The Principal

secretaries, led by The Deputy President; Cleopatra Adwar, the Housing Minister; Mary Mbula, the
Minister for Energy; Alphonsinah Ototo, the Minister for sanitation; Rosebellah Onyango, the Health
Minister; Elizabeth Okumu and the Locker room Minister; Chelsea Awuor Yambo have been at hand in
ensuring the smooth coordination of activities in the Boarding Department .

We are very grateful to the administration for having employed two matrons; sister Ritah and
Mrs.Consolata Guya; who have greatly assisted us with the maintenance and inspection of cleanliness and hygiene in the housing section.

Our cateress, Sr. Caroline, together with the head cook Mr. Michael Opiyo work hard in the energy
section for teachers and students to have their meals as scheduled in order to save on time, a limited resource. That it takes a lot of sacrifice from the kitchen department for programmes to run smoothly in the school, cannot be belabored. In the health section, I would have led in a hats off salute to our Principal for facilitating the building of a new, spacious and neat sanatorium had I the chance. This has helped to eliminate cases of sick students sleeping in the dormitories. Furthermore, this new structure also houses the nurse and matron making them accessible at all times, unlike before. The school nurse, Miss Florence Gwada, is always at hand to give sound diagnosis and medical advice to our clients.

I give a thumbs- up salute to all stakeholders for ensuring that the construction of the two storey
dormitory comes to timely completion. It has considerably reduced the congestion hitherto witnessed
in the boarding area, one of the undesirable effects of free primary education.
I appreciate all of us for supporting this department thus far.

Mrs Gerrety Otieno

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